Monday, March 21, 2011

Leadershp Principles

There are 5 universally important things that all leaders do
on a daily basis:
1. Visualize their goals
2. Work on income producing activities
3. Engage in personal development
4. Cultivate the expectation of leadership
5. Mastermind with other leaders
And although I do all these things everyday, the one I found 
to have helped me the most to put my business on overdrive,
is masterminding with other leaders.
Just having other like-minded people that you can bounce 
ideas off has a tremendous effect on your how quickly you
learn and grow as an entrepreneur, so that you can help others to
fuel their passion....ignite their imagination....inspire greatness.

I'd love to leave you this quote from Blaise Pascal that I just love:
"In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough
shadows to blind those who don't.

Let us mastermind with one another so we can learn from each other.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 Attributes (A's) of an Inspirational Leader

Dr John C. Maxwell says that the ranks of leadership are inhabited by a host of mirages: people who look impressive from a distance, but end up being disappointments. After being fooled by a few mirages, followers become jaded about leadership. That seems as true now as it ever has been. Our trust in leaders has been shaken as politicians have reneged on promises, CEOs have squandered money entrusted to their firms, and managers have advanced self-interests above all else.

To restore society's confidence with those in power, leaders have to be able to inspire. People are looking for a leader attuned to their personal needs. They want leaders who will encourage them, believe in their potential, and help them grow.

According to John Maxwell, the 5 Attributes  (A's) of an Inspirational Leader:


Inspirational leadership can be confused with momentary charisma. Inspiring is more of a process than an event. More than a brilliant speech, it's cultivating habits of brilliance that manifest themselves regularly.