Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Connections & Food

I love making connections. The world has literally been transformed because of internet connection. We all have this amazing way to be in global connection instantaneously.

Many of us have a number of intimate relationships and friendships. We might have intimate connections with God, our spouse, parents, kids, siblings, friends, and business partners etc. It's a blessing when they have such intimate connections.

However, if we don’t have intimacy in our lives, one of the easiest ways to get it is through food. Let’s face it – the act of eating can be a very intimate experience. We love it, we desire it, taste it, we receive pleasure from it.

I meet a lot of people who have challenges with overeating, stress eating, emotional eating, and other unwanted eating habits – and for some of them, at their core, is a desire for intimacy that’s been rerouted into the easiest available symbolic substitute – food.

I think that far too many of us make the mistake of getting stuck in the quick-fix solution. Meaning, if I can have the depth and intimacy I want, then I might as well eat and forget about the rest.

Perhaps one of the first steps to truly attracting love into our life is to first love yourself by doing an honest inventory of who we are and what we truly want at the deepest level of our being.

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