Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UnStoppable Entrepreneur

I got back from San Diego this morning and my head is still buzzing with love, excitement and heart-felt gratitude. 
There were many defining moments during this special event that Jonathan Budd put together, but I wanted to share just ONE really special experience with you.

He was talking about how true wealth is not just about money, it's so much linked with acts of service. That's very true! In my Kitty Cheng - Transform & Grow Rich facebook page I always share about how wealth is holistic and even spiritual in nature. In UnStoppable I have such an assurance that what I am passionate about is what I am called to do. It's vocational, intentional, relational and operational!!! We are on this journey to share with and serve others!
Jonathan also mentioned...

"Learn to open your heart more and more; you will discover all the wealth you can will discover untapped riches and those riches live in the heart of each person; every one of us"
Wow reflect on that for a second...

-Wealth is a result of you opening your heart
-Untapped riches can be discovered through your heart
-Those riches in fact in live in all of our hearts.

Please follow your dreams, follow your heart and you too will be unstoppable and wealth!!!