Friday, September 26, 2008

Excitement & Promotion

Yesterday I was told that I am an excitable person. I think that's true! I find that even little things can make me smile, laugh and happy :) And I don't have a problem promoting the people, things or events that I believe in!

Recently a number of things really excite me (apart from the fact that I am getting married in a few months :)), and I am promoting them. As you can see in my previous posts, I am excited about the fringe festival, particularly Michael Connell's stand up comedy show JUST ME, as well as the Special China Focus Night (China beyond the Olympics) I am hosting where the opportunity to support and work with various projects in China will be shared.

Also, I am really pumped about the Global Poverty Project, which was just launched in New York. I have a strong concern for the world's poor, and I am passionate about contributing to making poverty history. I believe in the impact that the Global Poverty Project is going to make to combat extreme poverty, and am extremely excited about the 90 minute feature slideshow that will be delivered around the world as a result of this project. I want to be part of this.

Another thing I can't wait today is the grand-final BBQ in my friend's home - yes I'm more excited about the BBQ and the chance to catch up with friends than watching footy (for my readers who are not familiar, footy is the Australian rule football) ...but hey any reason for a party right? - especially on such a lovely warm day!!

Go cats, go hawks, and go doggies - yes I informally support the western bulldogs hehe!

Yay I'm off to the party now!

China Beyond Olympics

China is tranforming - becoming a fundamentally different society. The once backward and feudal "sleeping giant" is undergoing modernization with incredible acceleration. No longer satisfied to be asleep, China has awakened to a new day and is determined to mark its place in this world. A National Pride swelled when Beijing was the host of the Summer Olympics in August this year.

There are many avenues for people to be involved with the work in China - charity work, business endeavours, aid and development, open crowd festivals, teaching English and learning Chinese. Will you respond and serve China and her people, whether you stay at home, or go there? This special China focus night will tell you how. Come along....

Saturday, October 25, 2008 starting at 6:45pm
36 Barton Street, Hawthorn

Free refreshment, Chinese snacks & dumplings provided!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just came back from seeing Michael Connell's "Just Me" - which includes stand up, film and music. I really enjoyed the show, and couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

Michael shared about his high school experience, as a sudoku champion and a supremo on the harmonica. The thing that impressed me about Michael and his show is that he is hilarious yet inspiring, and clean.

I agree with Beat Magazine, which says that "His show is intelligent, moving, and most importantly, funny! You'll be impressed"

If you live in Melbourne, I highly recommend that you come along and see the show. We even have the special 2 for 1 deal ($16 for 2 people).

Tue-Sun 8.15pm
Sat & Sun matinees 3pm (27-28 Sept, 11-12 Oct)

Tix:$16 adult/$12 concession or groups of 6+

Bookings:9660 9666

Hope to see you there! Kitty x

Nothing Compares To You

I was given the following poem today, which touched my heart....

Nothing Compares To You
by WhtDove

I'm sitting here filled with wonder
At the amazing things you do
How the waters stay in the oceans
And the vast beauty of the view

How the stars are hung in the sky
Within them is written your word
How we are the following sheep
And you are the only Shepherd

How the sky is painted with color
Bursts of orange in the sunset glow
How much knowledge it took to make
And how little us humans know

How intricately you planned it
There was nothing you left unthought
From the delicacy of a baby
To all the sins of ours you bought

There's no other love that's out there
As deep and as faithful and true
No other comfort to be found
Because nothing compares to you

Nothing compares to your miracles
Or the listening time you spend
How you always take good care of us
And our broken hearts that you mend

To us, our problems like mountains
To you, they're no problem at all
You're ever so watchful and there
To help catch us, when we do fall

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Back Australian's Olympians

Australia's Olympians, having achieved so much in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, received an extremely warm welcome of loud and happy cheers in Sydney on Tuesday.

With a total of 46 medals earned by the Australian Olympians, including 14 gold, the Olympic team was greeted by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and hundreds of family and friends.

Most of the 435 Olympians arrived home early Tuesday after finishing sixth in the medal tally and winning a podium position in 14 sports. The team was obviously "pumped" to be back in Australia.

Kevin Rudd said the preparations for the 2012 London Olympics would begin today. "Every man, woman and child in this nation Australia is proud of every one of you, well done," he told the athletes.

"To hear the roar of the crowd in China welcoming this great team for Australia says for me one thing - you are great ambassadors for Australia and the nation thanks you," the prime minister said.

YAY! We are proud of you! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute Girls Love To Crochet & Just Me

If you are in Melbourne, I'd like to invite you to 2 really good shows produced by Candlelight Productions


Shows from 18-20th Sept (4 performances only!)

It weaves heart-melting and witty words with beautiful, quirky music that sounds like it was written for the Amlie soundtrack. It's the follow-up to Chevalet's gut-wrenchingly beautiful album A Souvenir of Sadness and A Bottle of Bliss, and this one is infused with a gentle hope and a striking beauty that makes me want to sit in a corner of a cafe in Paris and watch the world go by.

Cameron Semmens from our show Squeaky Clean Comedy(and resident poet on Light FM) returns in Chevalet with Mike Carney (composer, on piano) & Rod Gear (from Sons of Korah on double bass). I encourage you to visit listen to their music online and you'll fall in love with them too.

"Cool boys play croquet.
Cute girls love to crochet.
Let's knit our lives together..."

There are only 4 performances, so tickets are very limited - book now to avoid missing out. It's only 1 week away!

Bring knitting or crocheting to do on stage during the performance and we'll buy you a drink.

Tix: $20 adult/$15 concession or groups of 8+

Bookings: 9639 0096 or

Or you can contact me directly for tickets too.

Another show during the Fringe Festival:


25th Sept - 12th Oct

Comedian Michael Connell (Comedy Festival, Youngblood Tour) also joined Candlelight for Squeaky Clean Comedy and he's back... He merges stand up, film and music in an autobiographical show about learning how to be happy being 'Just Me'. It's an inspiring show about following your dreams... no matter what anyone else thinks.

He's clean, legitimately funny, a sudoku champion and a supremo on the harmonica. This is your chance to see �a comedian with a promising career ahead of him (Inpress His show is intelligent, moving, and most importantly, funny! You'll be impressed (Beat Magazine).

Tue-Sun 8.15pm
Sat & Sun matinees 3pm (27-28 Sept, 11-12 Oct)

Tix:$16 adult/$12 concession or groups of 6+

Bookings:9660 9666

Hope to see you in both shows! Kitty x