Friday, September 26, 2008

Excitement & Promotion

Yesterday I was told that I am an excitable person. I think that's true! I find that even little things can make me smile, laugh and happy :) And I don't have a problem promoting the people, things or events that I believe in!

Recently a number of things really excite me (apart from the fact that I am getting married in a few months :)), and I am promoting them. As you can see in my previous posts, I am excited about the fringe festival, particularly Michael Connell's stand up comedy show JUST ME, as well as the Special China Focus Night (China beyond the Olympics) I am hosting where the opportunity to support and work with various projects in China will be shared.

Also, I am really pumped about the Global Poverty Project, which was just launched in New York. I have a strong concern for the world's poor, and I am passionate about contributing to making poverty history. I believe in the impact that the Global Poverty Project is going to make to combat extreme poverty, and am extremely excited about the 90 minute feature slideshow that will be delivered around the world as a result of this project. I want to be part of this.

Another thing I can't wait today is the grand-final BBQ in my friend's home - yes I'm more excited about the BBQ and the chance to catch up with friends than watching footy (for my readers who are not familiar, footy is the Australian rule football) ...but hey any reason for a party right? - especially on such a lovely warm day!!

Go cats, go hawks, and go doggies - yes I informally support the western bulldogs hehe!

Yay I'm off to the party now!


audrey` said...

Hello Kitty

Will your blog readers get to enjoy your beautiful Hong Kong portraits with D? ^grin^

It's a great privilege to be on your facebook =)

Kitty said...

Hello Audrey,

If you think so, I'll post my HK portraits here sometime :)

It's a great privilege to be on your facebook too my dear.

audrey` said...

Awaiting with much excitement, Kitty =D