Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nothing Compares To You

I was given the following poem today, which touched my heart....

Nothing Compares To You
by WhtDove

I'm sitting here filled with wonder
At the amazing things you do
How the waters stay in the oceans
And the vast beauty of the view

How the stars are hung in the sky
Within them is written your word
How we are the following sheep
And you are the only Shepherd

How the sky is painted with color
Bursts of orange in the sunset glow
How much knowledge it took to make
And how little us humans know

How intricately you planned it
There was nothing you left unthought
From the delicacy of a baby
To all the sins of ours you bought

There's no other love that's out there
As deep and as faithful and true
No other comfort to be found
Because nothing compares to you

Nothing compares to your miracles
Or the listening time you spend
How you always take good care of us
And our broken hearts that you mend

To us, our problems like mountains
To you, they're no problem at all
You're ever so watchful and there
To help catch us, when we do fall

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