Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Back Australian's Olympians

Australia's Olympians, having achieved so much in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, received an extremely warm welcome of loud and happy cheers in Sydney on Tuesday.

With a total of 46 medals earned by the Australian Olympians, including 14 gold, the Olympic team was greeted by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and hundreds of family and friends.

Most of the 435 Olympians arrived home early Tuesday after finishing sixth in the medal tally and winning a podium position in 14 sports. The team was obviously "pumped" to be back in Australia.

Kevin Rudd said the preparations for the 2012 London Olympics would begin today. "Every man, woman and child in this nation Australia is proud of every one of you, well done," he told the athletes.

"To hear the roar of the crowd in China welcoming this great team for Australia says for me one thing - you are great ambassadors for Australia and the nation thanks you," the prime minister said.

YAY! We are proud of you! :)

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