Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sick Leave

Today was the first day I needed to take a sick leave in the whole year. I have had the onset of the cold for a week now. Have been taking various sorts of tablets / chinese meds and drinks etc., and thought I got better, but this morning when I got up a huge tiredness and then headache embraced me. I told myself I would be better after my shower, but nah! I felt like I was going to 'collapse', so I went straight back to bed and rested for almost the rest of the day, goes to show that I am still pretty easily 'attacked' by the cold weather!

Oh Lord I really need to be more disciplined in engaging in physical exercise, I'm almost certain that is the reason why I get the cold / flu so easily.


Kel said...

wishing you a speedy and full recovery so you can travel healthfully :)

take the time you need to get better properly

Anonymous said...

get well soon kitty !
love you always :)


Kitty Cheng said...

thanks so much kel and candz for your kind wishes. I'm feeling much better now. Am going to have an early night too.

Simon said...

Drink water and take some Vitamin C tablets. It helps to better resist a cold and speed up your recovery.

Surely excercise and rest are important too.

Christop said...

Hi Kitty, hope you are getting better.