Wednesday, May 14, 2008

English Club & Docklands Hub

I've been working at Docklands Church in Melbourne, Australia for about 2 months now, and have been really enjoying it. Recently I'm organising an English Club to help students whom English is their second language.

Docklands Church has partnered with the City of Melbourne to conduct free English Conversational Classes for international students at Docklands Community Hub.

International Students make up 15% of the Docklands demographic, a sizeable number of people. The English Club would provide international students an opportunity to learn and improve their conversational English, comprehension, as well as assimilation into Australian culture. The sessions of the English Club will include games, group discussions, practical and cultural issues and conversational topics. We expect the classes to also provide a social network for students, and anticipates the club will be well received.

Docklands and surrounding areas are not only a great place to hang out and live, it is also a great place for international students to realise their potential, with quality environment, friendly people and excellent value. Docklands Church is a welcoming community that seeks to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support for international students as they adjust to life in a foreign culture. Apart from the English Club, Docklands Church also organises regular social activities for international students. Some of the activities coming up include an evening with okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with board games, Chinese steam boat (hot pot) night, camp, movies, international dinner party, horse riding, sightseeing trips, picnic and sports etc.


Ross McPhee said...

This all sounds very exciting. I pray that you will be effective in this new role, as I'm sure you will be. I may write a post about CWM's upcoming NOISE outreach over the Queen's birthday weekend.

simon said...

Sounds like it's a lot of fun and you really enjoy it. keep up the good work, sis.

Kitty said...

Hi Ross, thanks for your prayer. What is CWM's upcoming NOISE?

Kitty said...

Hi Simon, yes I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for your encouragement bro!

Ross McPhee said...

Next Saturday members of our church will be going out to do odd jobs etc for people in the Moreland area. I'll probably write a blog post about how it goes.