Friday, February 13, 2009

Romans 8:28

God uses every circumstance in the lives of those who love Him to shape them and use them for His purpose! It can be hard for us to accept this. It does not mean that God is pleased with all things. God grieves with us when we see the many who have died of the bush fires in Victoria, Australia or when we bear the brunt of someone else's sin. He is angry when a drunk driver slams into the car of someone we love. He grieves and groans with us. And He understands our painful experiences.

But God sits on His throne above all these things, and He overrules even the most evil purpose and uses even those fallen, evil or senseless things to accomplish His good purpose in our lives. That means we can embrace any circumstance we find ourselves in (good or bad) as God's opportunity for us to grow and to minister in His name to others.

**inspired by John North**


Felecia said...

It is good to be reminder of such things over and over again. It is so easy to forget especially when things get a little tough in life.

Pia said...

hi kitty. i'm so glad to be back blogging. just a quick announcement. i have a new web addy. i also have a giveaway - my first ever. hope to see you there. =D

Pia said...

hi kitty. i asked a question in my blog about man's free will. i'd really appreciate it if you'd share your thoughts on this. i wanted to see how christians view this issue. thanks kitty.