Thursday, September 03, 2009

When I Gave Up Talking.....

During the 40 hour famine last weekend, I went beneath the water, let the world above go on, and gave up talking. The experience was both enriching yet challenging! I spent a fair bit of time praying, as I believe that prayer could be like a canvas of silence, and on it we paint sparely, with no word or sound. Instead of 'talking' to God like I usually do during prayer, I simply spent time with Him, and realised that silence can really be a symphony bathing my ears with God's Presence. No wonder it's been said that silence is golden.

On the other hand, as I looked into the silence, at times I battled with a sea of mutes, which led me to begin thinking about those who don't have a voice in our society. There are so many injustice issues in our world, so many without a voice: the hungry kids in extreme poverty, the women that are trafficked victims, the refugees that have experienced war, the homeless people on the street.

The Father heart of God breaks over His voiceless children. What would our city look like if the voiceless children of God are cared for?

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Ross said...

It sounds like your fast was beneficial for you, and it's great that in your own silence, your thoughts turned to the voiceless in our society.