Sunday, July 31, 2011

Health Boost & RBTI Analysis

Through facebook, I discovered this very interesting website called Health Boost.

The venue of Health Boost is actually not far from my home. Their goal is to help people experience what it’s like to really feel healthy.

When you don't feel 100%, your body is telling you that something is not right and it needs attention. Ignoring your body can lead to more serious diseases.

Have you heard about RBTI ANALYSIS? According to Carey Reams the scientist who went through extensive laboratory testing and mathematics, the Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI Analysis) has been used in clinical practice for over 50 years and has helped many thousands of people to find perfect health.

RBTI Analysis is used to measure the residues and components in samples of urine and saliva. This enables us or any other trained practitioner to see at a glance where your body is out of balance and how to design a program to help you achieve optimal health.

A similar system is used in naturally based agricultural practices to enhance crop yields with healthier fruit, vegetables and livestock. Developed and refined over many years it has been successfully used to assist the health of babies, children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. RBTI Analysis allows your practitioner to target the area of greatest need. gives an accurate assessment of the way in which your body is functioning. From this assessment a series of steps that are individually tailored for you are recommended to help you bring your body into balance. Returning your body to balance leads you back to wellness.

It sounds interesting although I personally haven't tried it. I may go and check it out sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fascinating Kitty. Thanks for sharing!