Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Great Business Model

Normally, when I see sales letters throwing around statements like
"make an extra 10k a month" I'm weary... most of the people who put
together offers like that, are NOT doing those kind of numbers.

So when I saw Matt Lloyd - a 25 y/old from Aus saying something
similar... I didn't pay too much attention.

Then I saw this image:

That is Matt's numbers for the past 28 days of August. The number on the right,
is what he collected AFTER refunds.

So, now the idea of him showing me (or you) what business model
we can use to get an extra 10k this month does not seem all that

Here's his new PDF handbook which explains it all (just put your email in to get access):
I have learned so much from this handbook that my business has already benefited from it.Take a look, see what you learn.

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