Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do you fear the thought of dying?

I posted this question to my friends on facebook - "Search your own heart. Yes or No - Do you fear the thought of dying?"
Does the thought of death scare you? From the responses, not many people are actually afraid of dying, but
afraid of not having done all the things they want to, or living to their full potential while they have the chance. As my friend Jo Raymond, the author of the book "Awakening" says, "I was not afraid to die, but I was afraid to leave." Something to think about.
In my mind, I would think the 'possibility' or 'threat' of dying might change a bit for me, but now I've thought of it, I'm not so sure. I searched my heart this morning. I realize that like many people, I don't really fear the thought of dying but scared that death would tear me away from my loved ones. My husband and I often say it: "What would I do without you? How could I stand it?" - even though we know God's amazing grace.

I believe that death is a transition from life to life - that is, from creation life to resurrection life. Death is a friend who will bring me through the door and into God's very arms. Like some of my friends said on facebook, "I know my destination.....I know I will be going home to Eternity with Jesus."

Personally I think a great way to prepare myself for my own death is by learning to practice solitude and mindfulness. By getting used to withdrawing and being alone with the sweet presence of God (Immanuel - God with us), and being still and know that He is God, the thought of dying will be one of expectancy, and being set free.


Ross said...

Having eternal security death doesn't worry me so much as what I might die of. I hope it's not painful.

Kitty said...

Ross, I know what you mean. Being in pain may be worse than the thought of dying itself.