Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kitty's Update & Prayer Requests

Living Room
I've been enjoying and participating in Living Room regularly, which has been a good source of support and encouragement for me. I am really enjoying the friendships, while seeking to engage the local area in Melbourne.

Prayer Points:
Pray that God will use LR as an emerging missional church to fulfill His Great Commission.

My Postgraduate Studies At Tabor Bible College have been really stimulating, challenging and enjoyable! Pauline's Theology and Mission Practice focuses on the principles of the missional theology of Paul as they relate to the churches that are the product of mission in the two-thirds world and the contemporary western world. We have been discussing and grappling with issues related to a variety of settings (both overseas and in Australia contexts). I am now in the process of writing four book reviews, doing essays on Paul's strategy and approach for urban church planting, as well as emerging church in a postmodern context, which has really opened my eyes and broadened my horizon and understanding of mission.

Prayer Points: pray for Kitty's studies, so that she can put into practice what she learns in her ministries in mission.

I have coordinated and facilitated the Arts-Alive course (click for photos), which is a series of training modules for brothers and sisters who are interested in learning more about how to serve God through the creative arts ministry in CCBC. I have also been leading worship in the traditional cantonese service as well as in the English worship celebration on Sundays. I also enjoy serving in sermon interpretation, and some translation of drama scripts, and retreat / cell group materials etc.

Prayer Points: pray that God will bless Kitty's ministries in creative arts, worship, and interpretaion / translation in CCBC to glorify Him.

World Team
A number of exciting things have been happening in World Team Australia. After our "ZAP" Training, we continue to develop a comprehensive mission nurture course called "CLIMAT" (which stands for Church Linked Mission Awareness Training), and in the next few months, we will be serving a few church groups by facilitating this course in their church venues. I will also be sharing in MCBC on May 12 on the Great Commission and the work of World Team in unreached people groups.

World Team also took part in Swanston Street Church of Christ's 35th Missionary Convention, where we partnered in promoting Missions and God's Kingdom in their Missions Fair, which is a key feature of the convention. I have been encouraged by the messages and the response during this time. Swanston Street Church of Christ hopes to plan a short term team in partnership with us in the not too distant future, which is really encouraging!

In June, the World Team Taiwan Field Director Robb Branch and his family will come to Melbourne to share their mission of reaching the working class in Taiwan. The Lord is doing amazing things in a fast pace over there in Taiwan. For many years churches and missionaries are having hard time to get in the working class community. Now they are seeing breakthroughs, and so Robb and his wife Holly would like to share God's movement in Taiwan when they come to Melbourne. We have organised for them to share in a number of Chinese / Vietnamese churches already, if you are interested in having them share in your cell groups / services, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In talking with the WT account manager about my support level in World Team Australia and looking closely at my present regular support, we've established my financial support need is still lacking quite a bit every month. I praise God for the faithful supporters and good friends who give every month. But for those who've been asking if I need financial support, the answer is Yes! If you'd like to be part of His provision please contact me for more information.

Prayer Points: pray for Kitty in her ministry roles as a mission mobilizer with World Team. Remember her as she continues to update the World Team Australia website. Pray that she will have the wisdom in her interactions with people who are interested in mission, and that God will provide all her needs.


Corry said...

And I remember Kitty in my prayers!:-)

God's Grace.

Kc said...

Kitty your devotion is inspiring and I pray God will bless you to be used in every way pleasing to Him. We love you!

Mark D said...

Praying for ya, Kitty.

Kitty Cheng said...

Dear Corry, Kc & Mark,
Thanks so much for your prayers, care and love. God really bless me through you all :)