Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wake Up & Have A Look

In this month’s “Lausanne World Pulse”, a missiologist wrote an article, which talked about how China is a newly emerged missionary force.

The author (nicknamed 'J. Simth'), belongs to the leadership group of international missionary organization, and has many years of mission experience in China. Simth talked about two main points in his article.

China is gradually becoming a sending country from a country who receives missionaries. In the past, thousands of western missionaries have sown gospel seeds to China. However, this trend has been changed these days. Many missionaries have been sent from China to Jordan, USSR, Afghanistan, and Pakistan etc.

Simth said that comparing China and America, China has more potential in mission. China’s economy has increased 10% in the last 6 years. Not only that, China’s tourist figure will reach 115 million in 2020; Apart from that, half of the population will live in the city. According to the speed of the economic development in China, the economy in China may be 75% more than America in 2050. Therefore, Simth guessed that in the next 30 years, comparing to America, China will continue to grow in the area of mission.

Simth shared that in early 2005, a team of Chinese missionaries came to Pakistan, which had been ruined by the earthquake in December 2004. They brought along blankets, tents, food, bible and Christian readings etc. The local citizens opened their heart to accept the gospel. Every time when the rescue team from China came to where they lived through the 4 wheel drive, they would shout happily, “Christians have arrived!” They would run towards the 4 wheel drive, and hope to get the help from the name of Jesus.

Simth said that Christians in China have become more passionate to go to East Asia and Middle East. In the missionary meeting in June, there were pastors from Chinese house churches, Korean, and American Korean. They have shared together their heart and burden for the missionary work through Chinese churches, and talked about the difficulties in the process, the latest development and future plans. They are convicted that although they are not sure of the direction ahead, God has already put them on this path, and will continue to guide them.

Dear Lord God, may You continue to bless the missionaries all over the world for Your Kingdom's sake!


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

That is encouraging.

Kitty Cheng said...

Hi Matthew, yes it's encouraging!