Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Lights

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While the Christmas lights were spectacular in Hong Kong, I personally enjoyed the homely and cozy atmosphere of "The Boulevard" in Ivanhoe. I think it's the best of Christmas Lights in Melbourne (if not Australia). The decorations & lights in every home on the street are all diverse and beautiful. I really enjoyed walking through it with some friends on Christmas Eve!

Although Christmas can be over-commercialized, but as always, there is truth hidden in the bright lights. The Lord Jesus, who brought light to the world and forgiveness of sins through His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave. But it doesn’t stop there. His is a gift that keeps on giving. It keeps on giving because his life is born in all who believe, and his presence in the world is perpetuated by the spiritual gifts he gives all believers by which we reach out to those around us.

Oh Father God, thank you so much for the greatest gift of Your beloved Son Christ Jesus, the light of the world.


888 said...

Hi Kitty,
I have heard reports that the lights at Patterson Lakes (now known as Fountain Lakes :O)) were beautiful this year- particularly if you had a boat to travel through the canals there.

Yes the Christmas story is repeated in the human soul year after year.


Kitty Cheng said...

Hi Bruce, Patterson Lakes / Fountain Lakes? Where exactly are they? Wow travelling through the canals sound very romantic!

Praise God for the Christmas story?


Corry said...


God's Grace.

888 said...

It's where Kath & Kim live.