Monday, November 26, 2007

Paul & The Emerging Church

In many ways, the New Testament church grew in a world similar to our postmodern context. All emerging churches have their unique place and expression. And all can learn from Paul about the establishment and growth of new faith communities.

Paul’s examples show great insights for the emerging church on how to engage in ministry to postmodern culture. The emerging church in a postmodern context should learn from Paul to be mobile missionary, to find words or images that are relevant and meaningful to postmoderns, to contextualize the gospel, to trust the Spirit, to focus on unity, five fold leadership and discipleship. If the emerging church can learn from Paul in these areas, it will certainly become a radically different ecclesiology that reflects the call to mission in a postmodern context.


Brother Tadhg said...

Hi Kitty

I quite agree about the current worldview and the similarity with that of Paul's day. I think the challenge to some (people/churches) today is that they fear the idea of postmodernism and run to the 'ecclesiologcal' corner and hide, rather than seeing it as an opportunity to be relevant, to take a risk and 'shine'. Prof. Leonard Sweet's maxim is 'the contents must remain the same, but the container must change', is so true.

Brother Tadhg

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