Thursday, February 28, 2008

Team Leadership

I heard a CD by John Maxwell, which talks about leadership. I was very challenged and encouraged by it.

John said that leaders orchestrate environments, environments impact behaviors, and behaviors determine the fate of the organization. He mentioned the following 10 questions leaders ask to create a winning environment. Here they are:

"Do I understand what it takes to be a team?"
"Are my expectations crystal clear?"
"Do my people understand why what we do is important?"
"Does my team define success with their customer?"
"Am I holding people accountable for their performance?"
"Do I seek out barriers and remove them to make the team's job easier?"
"Do I give people the freedom required to learn, grow, and deliver?"
"Do I foster a culture of inclusion by hiring people who are different than I am?"
"Am I a consensus builder?"
"Have I created a caring environment among team members?"

I think they are excellent questions, and leaders from all various organisations need to consider.

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