Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Willingness To Be

Lately I'm grappling yet again with reconciling the ambition to do with a willingness to be. I am such a busy and active person that often times, I find it difficult to just slow down, pause and just BE.

John Maxwell said it so meaningfully, 'most of us have an inner drive to do something - a restlessness to make something happen. At the same time, joy is discovered in the peaceful quiet of a soul at rest. Alongside our restlessness for change, we have a need for relaxation and recreation.' We need to find that balance!

We nourish ourselves whenever we enter into activities that build our energy reserves, through music, thoughts, experiences, friends, recreation, and memories etc. In the midst of all the activities, we need to pursue a willingness to just be, to search for our life purpose, and to nourish our inner soul regularly.

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