Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Positive Interventions

Today I was told of a concept called "positive interventions", which basically encourages us to to look for the positive in any situation. I find it interesting!

One exercise for an application of this concept is called "Daily Three Blessings". At the conclusion of each day identify three things that went well and why. Do that regularly. Statistics show that people who have the attitude of gratitude are happier and less depressed.

Another application of this concept is to take the initiative to support other people to validate each other in a way that makes them happier and feel better.

In addition, we should say yes to positive emotions, engaging to others, noble purpose, building positive relationships, enabling good conditions of life, and contributing to the society.


audrey` said...

A great Amen to your post! =)

May we be sunshine in the lives of our family and friends, both here and on Facebook =P

Take care, Kitty.

simon said...

Great. So what are your "Daily Three Blessings" today? Do tell us more your personal feelings and practice at the end of the year and whether you become a happier person?

Kitty said...


You are certainly the sunshine as my blogosphere and facebook friends :)

Kitty x

Kitty said...


My Daily Three Blessings today:

(1)The Love of God!

(2)The Love of Family (including you of course my dear)

(3)The Love of Closed Friends


Jessica Bogosian said...

This is so true..if you change the way you react to life's events, you will certainly be a happier person..Negativity feeds more negativity..If you've ever seen the movie The Secret, it will truly change the way you think...