Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Gift And Language of Love

What are your 2012 goals? Have you written down your goals and goal statement yet? Of the number of people I have spoken to since the beginning of the year, goals related to love is one that come up over and over again. And you know what? Valentine's Day is only a month away!

This year, I am very excited to have partnered with my dear friend Angela Vrettas, the founder of "Scent of Life", to co-host "Scent of Life Club", which is designed to transform women to embrace their true essence and living an abundant life, as we believe that all women are fearfully and wonderfully made.

On Saturday the 11th Feb (the Saturday before Valentine's Day), we will be providing a space for some SoL (Scent of Life) time to help ladies to find out what their love language is, based on New York Times best selling author, Gary Chapman  “The 5 Love Languages”. No, we are not talking about the 5 major romance languages – French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian :)

You know the Gift of Love starts with YOU first. The way you think and feel about yourself creates who you are. When you know yourself and take responsibility for your wellbeing, you are able to give and receive love.

Your clothes, make-up and accessories matter. Why? What you put on influences your feelings. Your appearance influences your emotions and affects others. It inspires those around you. It enhances relationships and influences how they respond to you.

If you are in Melbourne, we'd love to see you at our special Valentine's event, where you'll learn about your love language, self-love and self-esteem.


Anonymous said...

Would love to be there Kitty. Lisa

Kitty said...

Wish you were here Lisa! :) xxx