Monday, January 16, 2012

The Scatter Head

In the last couple of weeks as I have been talking to various people about their goals in 2012, I found that one of the obstacles that stop people from achieving their goals (apart from lack of clarity and specificity) is the lack of focus. This 'scatter head syndrome' seems to be a common phenomenon.

Do you ever feel like you are going in many different directions but not really going anywhere? Eg: housewives or home-based business owners, you find yourselves running around the house to do something, only to forget what you were going to do. You start doing something else, and then forget that email or conversation you are having in the middle of an online chat with someone when you think of something else that needs to be done. Perhaps you're busy all day but have nothing to show for your busyness / business.

The following 3 things are what I do that help me overcome this challenge, which I have found to be very helpful, and trust will be beneficial for you, if you are suffering from this scatter head syndrome:

(1) Have a Specific Action Plan for Each Day

Before you begin each day, know exactly what you want to accomplish and what's on your schedule. What do you need to feel like you had a productive and focused day at the end of each day? What is most important to you for this particular day only?

Pick a few tasks and activities from your "To Do" list that you would like to focus on for the day and write them on a piece of paper or a 4x6 card, or on your diary. Focus ONLY on those tasks for the day.

(2) Minimise Distractions
Everything and everyone is fighting for our attention. Eg: household chores, children, television, internet surfing, phone calls etc. If you are trying to finish something, focus on IT.  Save television and internet surfing as rewards for completing the tasks you want to do. Let small children know when you will be available to play, talk to them while you're finishing a task, or get them involved.

(3) Reduce Stress
Stress is a major cause of a scattered head so you NEED to find ways to minimise it. The three best ways to reduce stress are healthy diet & nutritional supplements, rest and exercise. When you are tired, your coping mechanisms get weak. Add Isotonix OPC3, Isotonix Advanced B Complex, Multi-Vitamin and Fish Oil to your supplement regime. They are known for being able to reduce stress and improve energy and vitality. You can order them on my webportal 24/7 online shop here.

A scatter head does not mean you are bound to a life of failure, forgetfulness, lack of productivity or concentration. It probably means you're pretty normal as most of us tend to experience lack of focus at some points in our lives, but you do need to try some new ways to combat this syndrome. And I recommend you start off with having a specific action plan, minimising distractions and reducing stress.


Anonymous said...

Kitty you spoke write to my needs. Thank you! Lisa <3

Kitty said...

I'm so glad about that! :) xxx

Pia said...

i do suffer from scatter head syndrome sometimes (i often refer to it as scatter brains) but people who know me would attest that this is very unlikely of me. i am an obsessive organizer and like things in order all the time. i make a list each day of things to do so i won't miss anything. i love checking everything on my list and crumpling the paper at the end of the day which means whew! i'm done for the day. i have short term and long term goals but i do focus more on the short term ones.

but i still have temporary bouts of SBS once in a while.