Sunday, August 12, 2012

Take Action And Succeed

Are you going to do something? Or are you actually doing it? The difference between getting real results and just thinking about it lies in what we actually do. So many times, we plan to do things. We are going to change our life, annihilate our debt, lose weight, go after our dreams of traveling the world, pay off our mortgage. We are going to learn about and implement business essentials. We are going to achieve the level of success we want in life and business.

But it doesn’t matter what we are "going to" do. What matters is what we actually do. Walk the talk, not just talk the talk. It’s all about taking action.

How many times have you been “going to” do something, and just procrastinate or make excuses why you are not able to do it because of this and that? Your intention is not lining up with your words and action. Once you do take action — despite your fears and your excuses — you will see results. Often, your only regret will be that you didn’t take action sooner.

The reality is until you step out and take action, you won't go anywhere. It all starts with you. Success follows after those who take action. So are you “going” to do something? Or are you doing it?

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Anonymous said...

I will give up excuses and actually join your business NOW. Lisa