Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Important Virtues

I was reflecting on some all time old virtues as I read an article about important virtues that can make our lives new.

I truly believe that as Christians, we already have all that we need to make real progress in life. The following important but old virtues can help us make our new year a great one if we embrace them in a fresh way.

* faith - When we have more faith, our lives will progress. Embrace the gift of faith, and realise that it's essential and the foundation for all other virtues.

* goodness - Set out to be good by getting to know the One who is good – Jesus. If we learn to love God, we can then love other people.

* knowledge - Pray for the knowledge you need to be wise, and the humility to always remember that knowledge is a gift from God.

* self-control - Be self-controlled because we are grateful for the salvation you’ve received and want to thank God by pursuing holiness, because our prayers matter now and for eternity, and because we need to resist evil that is seeking to destroy you.

* perseverance - Don’t quit in tough situations. Don’t let setbacks defeat you. Remember the value in suffering: it refines your faith, it perfects your hope, it deepens your intimacy with Jesus, it trains you in holiness, and it weans you from sin.

* godliness - Develop Christ-like character and make our relationship with Jesus our top priority in life, and give His guidance precedent above everything

* kindness - Remember that God loves all people – they are all His children, made in His image. Decide to care for other people no matter what, recognizing that we can’t truly love God unless we also love the people He has made.

* love - Love unconditionally. Instead of waiting to feel love for someone, decide to act in love toward that person no matter what. Love the “least of these” (people you’d be tempted to trample or sidestep without love, such as prisoners, homeless people, or refugees).


audrey` said...

Dear Dear Kitty

Jesus loves you.
So do I =)

Take care.

Kitty Cheng said...

Dear Dear Audrey, awww I love you too! Thanks for your care sis :)

Jen said...

Virtues so worth remembering and nuturing in our lives

Susie said...

Hi. I read your comment on the OYB blog. If you want to know the real truth about the Kingdom of Heaven, then visit my site. God Bless! ~Susie

Kitty Cheng said...

That's true Jen! I pray that God will continue nurture in our lives these virtues so that we can glorify Him in all we do!

Kitty Cheng said...

Thanks Susie!

Kc said...

Your post sent me off on a study of virtue and I totally forgot to comment! Great article! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi, kitty! i've long wanted to comment but i have such slow internet connection for almost two weeks now.

may you have a blessed year this 2007. God bless!