Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Man Of The Narrow Road

I received a poem written by a World Team missionary for his field leader who was willing to follow God's (sometimes difficult) calling to influence his peers in preparing the soil for the gospel. In the words of the writer, this leader is "a great example of humility to us all." I pray that God will empower me to learn from this person.

Among men there are few
as gentle and kind
as this man I know -
the man of the narrow road.

It is surprising to find
a core of strength
hid within the benevolent shroud -
he goes on when others may falter.

He is one who has served in authority
and willingly passed the staff to another.
He doesn't seek his own
but treasures God's will above all.

Vision for him is kept alive and fresh
when others can't see it at all:
he is passionate
but doesn't put it on parade.

He does to go where others may not
he goes according to the Call:
he doesn't wait for the approval of critics,
though he values the counsel of the saints.

His common prayer is that of joy
for himself and those around him,
in spite of many trials and tests -
some of which have come through friends.

Among men there are few
as gentle, strong, and faithful
as this man that I know -
the man of the narrow road.


audrey` said...

Hi Kitty

Yes. This is a great example of the obedient child of God.
May we follow him and please our Lord =)

Kitty Cheng said...

amen to that audrey!