Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some "P" Words

Recently I have been drawn to a number of important "P" words that got me thinking. Amongst them are 6Ps - 'Proper prior planning prevents poor performance'. That's so true isn't it?

There are another 3Ps that I am committed to in order to achieve balance in life. They are: Pray, Participate and Play. Why these 3P's? Well praying will connect us to God, partcipate will ensure that we engage in what we are called to do. But why play?

A good friend of mine wrote a very meaningful article in a magazine called "Play in God's playground". Leng is a musician. Her experience has been that when she has no words to say to God, she can still meet with Him by playing an instrument. In those moments, she believes He plays with her and through her. And She asked a thought-provoking question. "Does God play?" What do you think?

We may know God to be loving, holy, just, faithful, mighty and merciful and merciful, but can we say god is playful. I believe that playing is a means of relating to God and of worshipping Him. It's so true that we are sometimes at risk of taking ourselves too seriously. I agree that we are created not only to plan and pray, but to participate and play as well. We have been given the freedom to play. As Leng said it beautifully, "His play is extravagant and beautiful, for none of His Creation was born out of necessity. He is the initiator of all play and invtes us to play with Him in respectful stewardship of the freedom and resources He has provided."


audrey` said...


Pray, participate and play to please our Heavenly PaPa =)

Another 'P' for you, Kitty.

Kitty Cheng said...

Yeah Papa is an extremely impportant "P" word Audrey :)