Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Change Your Questions Change Your Life

Lately I am discovering these concepts from the continuing education program that I'm doing through my networking business. This book called 'change your questions change your life' by Marilee Adams talks about how the right questions can transform our lives. The choice map starts off with anything that impacts us at any moment (eg: thoughts, feelings, circumstances, etc). How one chooses their path (namely learner or judger path) has an impact on how they ask questions.

In a nutshell, the learner path leads to learner questions (eg: what's useful here? what happened? what can i learn? what are my choices, what's best to do now); the judger path leads to judger questions (eg:who's to blame? why am i such a failure? why are they so stupid? what's wrong with them? what's wrong with me?). These paths / questions cause us to either choose or react, which will cause very different outcomes.

I'm putting these ideas into practice and find them very useful in my attitude, interpersonal relationships, work, ministry, and business.


simon said...

Great post! It will be great if these new ideas and thinking become our habits.

audrey` said...

Ask and ask and ask...
Til we gather knowledge =)

Take care, Kitty.

Corry said...

Wise words, both in your post and from our Lieve Zus Audrey! Asking the "why"-question reveals a lot!

Many blessings, dear sis.

God's Grace.

Anonymous said...

hi, kitty. i always ask the question why... always. =)