Monday, August 08, 2005

40 Hour Famine

Jesus cares for the poor and marginalised, and so should we!

"For anyone who's been on Mars for the last zillion years, the 40 Hour Famine is a fun way to do something real to help feed hungry kids. Going without food (or something else that really matters) for 40 hours is a great way to get a taste of what life is like for kids in some of the world poorest countries. "

Every $40 raised in the Famine will help feed 6 hungry kids for a month. Funds will also help poor families prepare for natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. This year, the money raised is going to support kids in Mozambique and Tanzania in Africa to help families grow more food. Many families in those countries are so poor that their children get only one meal a day. How unfair is that!

I will be taking part in the 40 hour Famine this coming Friday to Sunday. I'm looking for both team mates to join me as well as donors to give generously and graciously to this cause. My experience has been that each year I did it, God gave me a renewed sense of conviction to serve Him and His people as I spend time in prayers. So prayers and fasting do go together, and God honours that!

If you like to join me, I do have a requirement that you have to keep a honest log of how you spend that 40 hours. I will be doing that in this blog too, if you like to keep track of my journey. It will be particularly awesome to have some of you from different parts of the world to join me in fasting for 40 hours as well.

I am committed to this effort, not only that, I also donated money to others who are participating in the famine in my church as well. What about you? Are you doing something about it as well? I'd like to encourage you to do something to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You can read more about the 40 hour Famine here.

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