Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jackie Pullinger

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Jackie Pullinger is a British missionary who ministers with the drug addicts, sex workers and gangsters in the infamous slum area Walled City in Hong Kong (where I was born), and the author of the book "Chasing the Dragon" (which Kel kindly lent me to read). Last Saturday night I attended Jackie Pullinger's talk during the "Surrender" conference organised by Urban Neighbours of Hope in Swanston Street Church of Christ. Jackie's talk was on the topic 'Giving Our Lives Away'. She shared about her story - one of a journey into the unknown territory from the distant shore. Jackie talked about how people who would go for short-term mission trips hoping to do something amazing, but when realising that the work was not 'spectacular'' as they expected they would be disappointed, and would not continue.

During the conference, Jackie reminded us the followings:
  • Stop in a place of trust that He is a good God no matter what situations we are in.
  • Whatever God has for us is the best.
  • The heart of Jesus cannot be substituted by materials.
  • When we run out of everything, we get revived and grace from God if we trust Him.
  • When we run out of ours, we get HIS.
  • When there is no bottom-line, everything is a gift.
  • If you hold onto your rights, you are going to be myserable with the poor.
  • Jesus chose to die, it was voluntary. So should we!
  • In the spiritual realm, everything is backward - whoever saves his life will lose it, whoever loses it will be saved.
  • It is in spending our life, we receive it.
  • "Self-pity" is one of the most unattractive missionary qualities.
  • Jesus has been practising "not my will but yours" all His life. We ought to practise that too.

It was great to see many people were challenged to serving the poor during this meeting. Many people were in tears as they were so moved by what Jackie shared. Although not everyone is called to working with the poor, the inspiration is still there for us to serve our Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Caring and loving people we serve, as well as perseverance in ministry are of paramount importance. It's so true that ministry is about being willing to spend and give our life so God's will be done. As Jackie said, " much of God's work is slow work and we must completely give and expecting nothing in return."

Although Jackie is not the type of polished or dynamic evangelist type story-teller, she has certainly set a great example for us in terms of her willingness to follow God to the extreme. May God bless Jackie and continue to use her mightily to challenge and bless many!


Kel said...

glad to hear you made it to see Jackie speak

sad I couldn't get there as I was in Sydney

Kitty Cheng said...

I think they have video-taped Jackie's speech, perhaps we can find out if it's available for sale.