Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sculpture Appreciation & LivingRoom

Jon Eiseman - Inner Landscapes Posted by Picasa

Tonight I went to see Jon Eiseman's exhibition of his recent sculpture with some of my LivingRoom friends at Gallery 101 on Collins Street. The venue was very nice and the scultpures were done very cleverly. The name of this show is called "Inner Landscapes", which is quite interesting.

As is written in the media release, "Jon Eiseman has continued to explore the shadow world of dreams and the subconscious. Eiseman’s figurative sculpture, cast in bronze, has a whimsical and poetic quality. He creates a spiritual world through his images of birds, boats and humans combined with his iconography of towers, trees, flags and hands. The work carries a loose dream–like quality, creating an open-ended sense of narrative, which intrigues the viewer.The solid figure of the urban man suggests contemplation and struggle – he seems lost within a dreamscape world. Enclosed spaces encourage the viewer to look more closely, to discover a new and mysterious realm within the urban landscape."

I've never known or learned how to appreciate sculpture, yet this show allowed me to have a glimpse of what it means by using sculptural arts to depict spirituality and emotion through extending beyond the physical. Jon's work explores the human condition in fulfilment, happiness and sorrow - emotions experienced within a lifetime. According to him, these emotions are conveyed through a surreal language, drawn from an inner landscape of the subconscious.

Seeing some of my LivingRoom friends' outer journey through this exhibition also gives me a more concrete and solid understanding of how missions can be done through common interests eg: arts and gallery. I would really like to explore more about this kind of ministry - going to artists turf to understand their hearts!


Kel said...

Kitty, this looks great. I love sculpture. Both observing others creations and playing with clay to make my own. There is something really grounding and earthy about moulding something out of clay. And of course echoes of God creating Adam out of the ground.

Have you been to GPO to see the Rodin sculptures?

Kitty Cheng said...

Kel, great to know that you love sculpture - perhaps you can teach me more about it. It is really interesting to observe, but I haven't had the privilege of actually making my own.

no I haven't been to GPO to see the Rodin sculptures? where exactly is it?

Kel said...

GPO is the boutique shopping mall set up in the old General Post Office on corner of Elizabeth and Bourke. The Rodin sculptures are only there till August 14, so you've only got a few days to get there.

I'm thinking of running some intuitive art sessions from my home. If you're interested, email me and I'll add you to the possible participants list.