Sunday, August 14, 2005

Silver or gold I do not have, but....

Today at CCBC, Peter Misso shared a great message in Acts 3:

He talked about three "M"s which are important:

  1. Meeting - Place of meeting is important. This crippled begger chose the right place to be. And Peter and John were at the right place to bring the begger to the Lord. We need to be at the place where the Lord has called us to be.
  2. Message - The right message, the right people and connection can change our whole lives. This lame man met Peter and John. His life was changed forever. And it was the power of the message that brought healing to him. We need to ask ourselves: what is the message of my life? Our life is our message. We are an open door for the gospel to go through.
  3. Miracles - If we are in the right place and have the right message - God will do the work of miracles. Miracles are the ordinary in God's eyes.

What do you think of these three "M"s?


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