Friday, February 02, 2007

6 Keys To The Power Of Decisions

I find that decision making can be a complex phenomenon. Recently I heard a CD regarding the power of decisions, which include 6 keys:
  1. Remember the true power of making decisions with massive action.
  2. Realise that the hardest step in achieving anything is making a true commitment.
  3. Make deicisions often.
  4. Learn from your lessons of decision making.
  5. Stay committed to your decisions, but cultivate the art of flexibility.
  6. Enjoy making decisions.

What do you think of these 6 keys?


Sabrina said...

I hate making decisions, it's always hard! Thanks for the tips! Hehe...

Kitty Cheng said...

Yes sabrina. These are great tips for decision making aren't they? I learned that from our business N21.

audrey` said...

Commitment with flexiblity is so important in decision making.
Take care =)

Kitty Cheng said...

yes Audrey!

You take care too dear sis!