Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Rhythm Of Life

What is your rhythm of life? I have been reading and learning about it, and found that human beings approach life at different natural rhythms. These rhythms show up in many parts of life. They affect the way we feel on the weekends or how often we need a break etc. They affect how we feel in the mornings or at night times. They affect our mood and our attitudes on a daily, weekly perhaps even yearly and certainly for some of us at least seasonally basis. And more than anything they affect our schedules, and even control them.

Life Rhythm Theory says that our lives are affected by our thythm on such a sustained but less than obvious way. We may adopt or adapt to a different life rhythm for a season that may not be fully natural even if not wholly unhealthy. However, peak efficiency, energy and satisfaction in life are more likely to be achieved at the kind of life rhythm one “naturally” is aligned to. More often than not the problem is a matter of rhythm rather than pace. We have to manage the rate and sequence the beats of life come to us in a way that matches our internal ability to not only handle them, but harness them.

I also believe in the theory that it takes 21 days to form a habit. A few months ago, I started listening to helpful and encouraging CD's everyday for my personal growth. This may not seem that remarkable - but for me it is a new experience and rhythm of life, which really helps me a lot. I have also established new rhythm of saying hi and speaking to strangers (when the opportunity comes). Nothing amazing has happened yet with any of the people I see each day, but I'm amazed at the opportunities that have opened up to meet some great new people as a result of disciplining myself to establishing a new rhythm and by being open to meeting others whose lives will intersect with mine as a result.

What about you? What is your rhythm of life?


audrey` said...

Happy Valentine's Day =)
Jesus loves you!

Kitty Cheng said...

Thank you Audrey. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Jesus loves you and so do I!