Sunday, June 15, 2014

Winter Wellness Workout

Recently I've made a conscious decision to
boost my holistic health and total well being, particularly physical and mental health as I go into Winter. I've embarked on a "Winter Wellness Workout" since the start of June with the goal to get both my body and my mind in better shape. 

Indeed, there are significant parallels between physical and mental well being. Whether working out your body to build strength, or working your mind to achieve emotional balance, a wellness workout with a reasonable plan is necessary.

Here is my "Winter Wellness Workout" Plan:

Staying active through exercise and physical activity throughout the week
(2) Taking an Isotonix daily essential supplement kit
(3) Eating well by following the nutritional guide through TLS
guide to healthy eating
(4) Practicing mindfulness
(5) Using an app called de-stressify
(6) Going through a 21 Day Brain Detox

Though this is a Winter Wellness Plan, my emphasis is on long term improvement in holistic health and quality of life. Now two weeks into this Winter Wellness Workout, I will continue to pay attention to my body and mind from empowerment to exercise, from sleeping well to eating right, so that I can be of more value to the people around me. 

A total wellness workout means minding both mood and muscle. Would you like to join me on this challenge, whatever season you are in?

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