Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Book Meme

As I went through my past posts I realised that Rodney Olsen from The Journey (an interesting radio announcer over in Western Australia) had tagged me a few weeks ago with a book meme (on the day when I left for my overseas trip). Sorry for taking so long Rod, but here we are:

  • Total books owned, ever: I have absolutely no idea how many books I ever owned! Certainly not as many as the number of books in the library of the British Museum (I was told there are at least 15 million books there, and growing each day for the good of the nation).
  • Last book I bought: The Five Love Languages (By Gary Chapman) - for a couple friends who recently got engaged.
  • Last book I read: Keeper Of The Light (By Patty Metzer). It's a powerful novel / fiction which is about acceptance of God's higher purpose. The story has strong characterization, unpredictable plot and an intriguing 1797 Cape Cod setting I loved it.
  • Five Books that mean a lot to me: The Bible, The Shaping of Things to Come, Guardians of the Great Comission, Don't Stop Laughing Now & Creative Living

Now is my turn to tag others. Please take some time to visit these blogs. I reckon they're all worth a visit. I'm tagging Darren from LivingRoom, Christop from Emergentlayer, Kelly from Shooting Star & Becky from Chinsup

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