Wednesday, July 06, 2005

World Team Paris Prayer Conference

I participated in the France Prayer Conference from June 11-18, 2005. It was not a typical conference where you only gained a great deal of information, it was a gathering that centred on prayer. It was such an awesome opportunity for me to see the work with my own eyes, and to spend time with World Team France missionaries, French national Christian leaders and believers, as well as prayer warriors from Spain, Strasbourg, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The prayer conference had a great mix of activities, which allowed us to gain a greater perspective on the needs of the field in the country of France, and hence better equipped to pray for this nation. The conference includes on-site visits and prayer walks, worship and devotions, seminars with French national leaders, testimonies, fellowship, overview and hands-on training in French spiritual history, culture, demographic situation and the challenges missionaries face etc. As a result of this conference, I certainly have a stronger burden and desire to pray for France, and to mobilize and challenge more people about the World Team work in France and Europe.

The Paris Prayer Conference was such a humbling and insightful learning experience. The love that the missionaries had for each other, for the local believers and for the lost was so evident. I have gained a better understanding of the work as well as the spiritual warfare and battles that go on. Although the work is not easy (France is known to be the graveyard of Europe spiritually), the missionaries’ perseverance and humility really touched me. I saw World Team core values in action through the France Team. The team weaves the core values of gospel, prayer and worship, interdependence, releasing and developing leaders into their life and ministry. Apart from the field, the nation, their history and culture, I also learned a lot about church planting through this event. Most importantly, I learned prayer is truly a major part of church planting.

I was really blessed by the testimonies of many of the French believers, who enthusiastically shared their perspectives and requests for their country. I was very encouraged by the impact of the missionaries in their lives, and how these national believers were developed to be leaders of the churches. Their testimonies showed vividly that prayer does make a difference in missions. I truly profited from the insight of the labourers in France. As I prayed for the spiritual needs of France, I felt a strong sense that this conference was really ordained by God. The commitment of the France Team, their faith, and their love for the lost have impacted me in this trip a lot. The interns were an encouragement and a special blessing to all of us. They had such learner and servant hearts. God has placed a burden in my heart to challenge and encourage Australian people to join the World Team France Internship Program, and long term missionary service in the coming years.

I am greatly thankful for this opportunity to join the event. I praise God for granting me travel mercies, good health, safety, inspiration and friendship through this trip. I truly felt that God met with me in a special way during the Paris Prayer Conference. He has given me a deepening prayer burden for the country of France, and this special time of emphasis on prayer for the nation of France was worth all the time and resources. I pray that many more will join in the army of asking God to break down the walls of unbelief and indifference and bring many to Himself in this nation.


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Did you get to visit Taize whilst you were there?

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