Saturday, July 09, 2005

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith is one of my favourite Christian Artists. His diverse range of music genre includes pop, rock, praise and worship, inspirational and instrumental music. I think Michael is really gifted in that he can put into songs the emotions people feel, but don't have the ways to express.

Some friends and I went to see Michael W. Smith's concert at Festival Hall tonight. It was the first time that I saw Michael live in concert, and it was really enjoyable. You just can't expect anything less than the best when it comes to a live musical performance by Michael W. Smith. As is true at any Smitty concert, he had a great backing band. He really put his heart into the night of worship experience. Michael's heart and passion for worship was so evident. He said in the beginning of his concert that worship is not just about music, it's a lifestyle (amen to that!!). He gave some examples of what worship means in action, which was great. He said that worship is about serving people in Africa and the AIDS crisis, preparing to help in the devastation in Sudan, seeing the hurting person next to you and are moving to act, and being compassionate to those in poverty. Oh how the world needs more "activist Christians" like that! And I truly believe worship and mission are closely connected together!

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Maryam said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It brought back memories, of eleven years ago, when I lived up in Far North Queensland. I happened to catch Michael W. Smith singing "Somewhere in the Night" (can't remember if that's the actual title). I taped it off the telly just by putting a tape-recorder in front of the telly. In those days I was doing volunteer work and had been loaned a little car to drive around in. It didn't have a stereo so I used to get batteries and play my portable tape-player with it on the seat next to me. I just remember driving around the beautiful wide, open, spaces of FNQ with my window down, tape-player on full blast, singing my lungs out "I will be there for yoouuuuuuuu, somewhere in the niiiiiiight, somewhere in the niiiiiiight..." Ahhhh those were the days.