Friday, July 15, 2005

Focus MissioNight

We had a great time at World Team Focus MissioNight in Hawthorn last night . John Pirrotta, an experienced church planter / evangelist from World Team Milan (Italy) and beyond shared with us the following points, which opened the eyes and hearts of the participants of the event.
  • He shared about his personal testimony on how God transformed him.
  • Missions In Europe (where he said it's like the Revised Roman Empire)
  • What’s at the heart of Europe (Pride, A Collision between the Old and New, Secularism,
    Post Modernism, Materialism, Hedonism, Atheism, Pluralism, Superstition, Polytheism and Paganism)
  • The Religious Scene (in Milan particularly): Culturally Catholic, Nominal, Suspicious of Evangelical Christianity, Tolerant and open to Eastern mysticism, Anti Organized Religion, It all Looks Great On The Outside
  • Italy (Milan): European City, Multicultural, Fast Pace, Extravagantly Wealthy, Unsatisfied.
  • How To Do Missions : Jesus Is Going to Build His Church, Grass Roots Ministries, Apostles,
    Containers, Horse Verses Mule, Two Kinds of Churches.
  • Needs: Young (Youthful), Energetic, Creative, Short Term, Middle Term, Long Term, Tent Maker, Career Missionaries, Outreach to Muslims
  • Your Part: Pray The Lord of the Harvest Sends Out Workers.

We also had a great time of fun, food and fellowship (some photos here). We had tiramisu, cheese cakes (it is Brian our World Team Australia Director's birthday today), European bread with dip (balsamic vinegar and olive oil), gelatic and snacks. Praise the Lord that a number of people told us that they were very interested in mission and the opportunities for short term mission trips and seeking God for long term missionary service, while others were committed to praying for missionaries and supporting them. It was such a joy to meet with people with a smiliar passion to myself - to participate with God in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ our Lord (Matthew 28:18-20).

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