Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Creation Vs Evolution

Dr Carl Wieland (CEO, Answers in Genesis Australia) was sharing at CCBC last weekend. He is the founding editor of Creation magazine, which is published quarterly and covers readership in 140 countries. The magazine brings you insight about Creation on a solid scientific foundation.

According to Dr Wieland's presentation, people believe in science because hypothesis can be proved through scientific methods. However, evolutionists claim the non-existence of Creation and yet they cannot prove its non-existence. In contrary, more scientific evidence has been revealed supporting the idea of Creation. Following are some of the interesting scientific evidence:
a) Dinosaur
Fossils of dinosaur containing soft tissues have been found. This challenges the idea that dinosaurs existed some 65 million years ago.
b) Structure of human bones similar to animals' means we share the same ancestor?
Having the same ancestor means there is the same genetic pathway and same basic construction pathway when embryo evolves. This however is not proved. So far, fossils found can be categorised into different groups, but no fossils have ever been found that link two different groups. Therefore, this shatters the fundamental presumption of Evolution.
c) Fossils
- Geologists suggest that layers of rock can be formed rapidly, not necessary taking millions of years
- There are living things that have never evolved. Fossils of some sort of termites were found and it's proved that it's exactly the same species that still exists in Darwin. Even the bacteria that helps it to digest is the same
- Plenty of fish fossils were found. It is common knowledge that when fish dies, it floats, not submerges. It is proposed that if this is to be done artificially, the fish must be covered in mud and dry the mud quickly so as not to let in oxygen that will erode the scale and skin. Therefore, evoluntionary ideas cannot explain this phenomonen.
- Darwin said wholly soft creature cannot be preserved (like jellyfish) as it will disappear so soon. However, fossils of jellyfish have been found, even with wave trail around it. This indicates that fossils do not evolve from millions of years, but a rapid process causes this.
- There are also fossils of some marine reptile in the process of giving birth. We all know there is difficult labour, but is it gonna take millions of years if evolutionists are right?
- More and more scientific evidence has given support to a well-known story -> Noah's Ark
d) Radioactive Carbon 14
It has been proved that the half life of radioactive carbon 14 is about few thousand years. Therefore, if evolutionists are right, we shouldn't be able to find a single trace of this substance in things like oil, diamond etc. However, traces of carbon 14 were found to be present.
Living creatures are not just bunches of hardware. They are software. All biological molecules carry with them some sort of programs and information. It requires intelligence to develop such programs. Living creatures don't just evolve or develop those programs themselves or through mutation. So, where can we find the answer? The Ultimate Creator of this world.

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