Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Purposes of Creative Arts

Today I was going through some of my past entries of my journal where I wrote about the purpose statements etc when I started working as a creative arts coordinator at CCBC over 16 months ago now. The followings are some of them:

  • I believe the dream (purpose) for our creative arts / drama team is that the church will be filled with the most wonderful, powerful, expressive, evocative and anointed creative and performing art imaginable - that people who have never been to church will be amazed and deeply moved by it.
  • And that those of us who are in it (writers, actors, poets, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, mimers, filmmakers, playwrights) can totally sell out to the gospel, take our art out into the world and touching and speaking to the world just the way Jesus did - amongst the crowds in the wider community.
  • My dream is that as an art production team (Christian writers, performers and artists) / community / cell group, we can proclaim the Godly truth about life (to Christians and non-Christians alike) from the highest possible platforms and media, and that the wider community will be impacted with a message of hope and love.
  • We can move from being just a spiritual seeker to being a creator, sustainer, and nurturer of the beloved community.
I thank the Lord that He has taught me many lessons during this journey, and more and more I see my inadequacy, yet I know that when I am weak then I am strong in Him.

So where are you on your journey or creativity right now?

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thebluestbutterfly said...

What you just said is wonderful...keep trying to reach people.