Saturday, September 03, 2005

Faith, Experience and Choice

Jim Douglass, an experienced minister, has once said that even "if we have a clear mountaintop experience of certainly there is always the valley of doubt."

And that's so true! I believe that no matter what revelation or calling we have, we need to make a decision to run with it. Experience does not determine choice; choice determines experience. As human beings we are convinced by experience. And yet, faith has to override experience.

My 91-year-old mentor Professor Brown told me that strong emotion (which I seem to always have) can at times hijack faith and pull us in a direction of our own thinking / agenda. We can be overwhemed by our own reasoning, which functions on the basis of our experiences.

Salvation is the saving or the soul and my soul is my responsiblity. Jesus Christ has made salvation possible by defeating he powers of death. It is now my task to apply, by faith, the reality and the possibility of the salvation of my soul. As we work out our salvation, God is working out His purpose. Hallelujah!

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