Friday, September 02, 2005

Stop Taking Things for Granted

A friend told me last week that he had changed his mobile phone again (he has only used his last phone for about 7 months). He always likes changing things because 'he is tired of old things' , mobile phone, computer, car, stereo, digital camera even his house.

He told me he's considering moving out of his apartment. He lives in a lovely apartment with a great view overlooking Albert Park. I asked why he would leave such a beautiful place. He said, "well, it was great only in the beginning, but now it's just the same old same old. I can't see it anymore."

“I can’t see it anymore.” That's it, isn't it? He fails to notice the blessings he has. He thinks of his home as merely a place to lay down his head. Nine people out of ten would have jumped at the opportunity to rent my friend’s house, yet he does not appreciate its virtues. I told him there is really no point of moving, as he will get tired of his new place before he knows it.

Human beings have this capacity to take things for granted. Most of the time, we only miss things when we lose them. The most compatible intimate becomes boring. Miracles like the daily sunrise and sunset fail to amaze us because they’re just routines! Repetition and time dull our sense of wonder.

When something becomes familiar to us, the wonder we have projected onto it is lost. We see it without the overlay of our imaginings. I am certainly guilty of that. I just got my damaged car back from the insurance company yesterday. Oh man! How blessed I felt when I re-started driving my little starlet again after nearly two weeks without its company. I must admit that after driving this little car for over 6 years, I have surely taken it for granted. When I was driving it again this morning, I remembered the excitement of the first day when I drove it. Plus this little car has allowed me to serve friends and pick them up etc. This has really reminded me of an important lesson: stop taking things for granted. I believe one of the good ways of stopping taking things for granted is to maintain a fresh perspective on the things we have by living life with a thankful heart. Do you agree?


Chin Hor said...

I agree with you Kitty =) Good to hear you got your car back. You should have introduced me to this friend while I was there in Melbourne, I would have pounded him on his head! *haha* Tell him never to get married ok? Don't 'waste his time' =P

Kitty Cheng said...


Pauline and Jason said...

Thanks for a real good article.

I used to change my phone every 3 - 4 months. I was really tired but i did not have a choice. I am quite tired to learn all the new procedure every 3 months or so. Then God leaded me to a place i have never been to. Though I was poor and out of job in other people's eye, it was a wonderful value adjustment process for me. Out of job for 13 months and I never had to seriously think about my the Lord is my supply.

Now that he leads me to a new place. To be honest I cannot promise not to change phone again. But I am sure that the journey gave me a new prespective and I have the freedom to choose. No need to force myself to learn all the procedure all the time.

Praise the Lord!!

Kitty Cheng said...

Interesting perspective Jason!

Rodney Olsen said...

Sounds like he's the sort of guy that women should avoid.

If he ever meets Miss Right you get the idea that she would only be Miss Right for now.