Sunday, September 25, 2005

Storytelling of Daniel - Dream Interpreter

Tonight some friends and I went to a storytelling performance of the Book of Daniel Chapters 1-7 of The Backyard Bard.

Simon Camilleri (the director and founder of The Backyard Bard) wrote in the program, 'If you've ever wondered, "Who is God?", then know that God doesn't want to leave us in the dark. Throughout history, the Creator of the Universe has gone to incredible lengths to clearly reveal to us His identity. The Book of Daniel is a genuine historical record of God doing just that. The stories it contains tell of a God that speaks, a God that acts, and a God that cannot be ignored. This is the God that Daniel says, "holds in His hand, your life and all your ways."'

I met Simon during Ignition Creative Artists gathering back in April, and was very inspired by him. The worshop that I did with Simon on storytelling was very impactful for me personally. I learned that being a story-teller requires one important quality - 'being able to SEE and let the audience SEE as well.' The story-teller should not be the focus, but the STORY itself. I was very touched by the concept! I could truly see that in action tonight. Simon and his cast certainly allowed us to see the story of Daniel through their story telling. I also found this is a very amazing way of presenting the Word of God. And the God of Daniel also used this storytelling to reveal Himself to me tonight in the same awe-inspiring way He had for Daniel, and the Backyard Bard. I am convicted that this is a powerful way of communicating the spoken World of God. Since it is such a great biblical experience that I have had, I would really like to involve in a ministry like this.


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Simon Camilleri said...

Thanks Kitty for your support. It has been a blessing to share God's Word through the storytelling art form - not only for others, but we as storytellers find that as we reflect on our stories in preparation for a performance, God mves and challenges and speaks to us very powerfully. It has revolutionized the way I engage with the narrative texts of the Bible and I hope that all who experience biblical storytelling will be blessed in the same way.
If anyone is interested in workshops, please contact me:

Kitty Cheng said...

Bless you Simon!