Friday, July 14, 2006

In The Corridor

These couple of weeks I have been a bit unsure about things. I feel like I am wrestling with God in restlessness at the moment. I am at a crossroad, sitting on the fence, and as my friend put it, being in a corridor season. The idea of 'the corridor' intrigues me. It requires me to just sit and wait for a door to open, yet the fact that I am grappling with paradoxes of faith and spirituality is making me feel a bit stuck, and even claustrophobic at times.

I was told that the thing with corridors is that you have to learn to tune into God's voice. I thought I have been doing that, yet it still seems His voice is not that clear. I am struggling, and I have been trying to beat down the doors myself. I almost feel helpless. Am I to just resign and not try anymore, simply waiting on God? Or should I put my feet into the "Red Sea" and trust that God will open the waters for me?

Oh Lord, I need to experience you sitting in the corridor with me, if that is what I am supposed to do. Please help me to be settled with having more questions than answers, and let me enjoy this season of my life with You.


Corry said...

Someone once said: I know God opens doors, but it is hell waiting in the hallway.

I had thought about that many times, but I think it's our impatience that makes it so difficult. We want answers and problems solved right now, not later. But God has perfect timing:-)

I pray doors will open for you and questions will be answered... soon:-)

God's Grace.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Are your questions in relation to your own activity and experiences or questions relating to God's purposes?

If they are questions relating to God's purposes, your sure guide is Scripture.

If they are questions in relation to your own experience you cannot just expect God to speak.

Job had to wait through the whole of the book for God to speak and he had to go through the agony brought on by his wretched 'comforters.'

If God will speak, He will speak when it pleases Him to do so.

Every Blessing in Christ


Anonymous said...

I to would say you need to sit and wait. God's timing is the best timing. He might be setting something special for you to do, or go. What ever it might be be patient. Stay in God's word and everything will be ok.

Bruce said...

We would use the word "corridor" in a different way than that, Kitty.

The "corridor effect" is when you are in too close proximity to others (bumping into them in the corridor) and need some space of your own.

Of course the remedy is to go outside. And often it is good to leave the city for some quiet time- as I did yesterday.

A friend of mine has a retreat centre, and it was lovely to spend some time there.

We might need time to work out what are falsehoods and what are paradoxes. Understanding paradox: being the ability to comprehend the larger and the smaller pictures, and also interpret seeming contradictions.

The Holy Communion is a wonderful remedy. It is a medicine like no other.

There is a Christian motivational book with a dreadful title Try Giving Yourself Away by David Dunn. Have you read it?

Bestest Wishes,

Kc said...

We love you sis and you know our prayers for you. I trust God to deliver you and I have confidence you will continue to seek and knock until you find and it is opened to you.

Kitty said...

Corry, yes I am waiting on God's perfect timing.

Kitty Cheng said...

Matthew, fair enough!

Kitty Cheng said...

Pastor Josh, yes i'm sitting and waiting (and reading books and blogs hehe), trying to be patient -although i must admit it hasn't been easy. Thanks for your encouragement.

Kitty Cheng said...

Bruce, yes I at times feel that I need some space of my own, and have been yearning to have some retreat time alone with God.

wow your advice about falsehoods and paradoxes give me a better perspective. I do need the wisdom from the Lord to comprehend and interpret paradoxes.

No, I haven't read the book Try Giving Yourself Away, what is it about?

Thanks so much Bruce. Appreciate your comment a lot.

Kitty Cheng said...

Kc, thanks for your prayers, care and concern.

Bruce said...

Hi Kitty,
Try Giving Yourself Away, is an eminently pratical book, full of little exercises.
It is all about having a generosity of spirit.
I first heard about it in an article that stated that Rolf Harris had read it. And it did change his life.

You can just be generous with compliments and such, without seeking personal gain. For instance, you might see a shop window that is done nicely, you go in and compliment them. Same at a restaurant or whatever.

There is too much of complaint and crticism these days and not enough congratulations!

Kitty Cheng said...

Bruce, thanks for the info of the book, sounds very interesting! I'll check it out.

audrey` said...

The power of silence :)

Kitty Cheng said...

Audrey, yes I need to experience that power!