Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Act Of Proof - seeing with one's own eyes

I went to see the proof exhibition this morning at the Screen Gallery in Federation Square, Melbourne (the largest screen gallery in the world) - Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The whole thing took my breath away! I was so attracted to everything that I walked through the gallery twice!! It was definitely worth seeing with my own eyes.

To me, the highlight was Peter Hennessey's project - where he interviewed people who lived in Woomera, South Australia from various backgrounds. He asked each of them this question "what do you fear?" He also designed a missile, which is the centre of this video installation that explores what we are supposed to fear as a nation and what we fear as individuals (a pic of this missile can be found in my photo album)

Examples of the response included:

"....there is a big fear in my heart...."
" fear for the future is that I might not become what I meant to be."
"I fear that there is one country that has the right to own nuclear power."
"My greatest fear is of being attacked from behind. I like people to be honest and straight."

This was not only an exhibition, it was like a worship experience to me. Proof really got me thinking about this: if seeing doesn't equate to believing, how do we know the truth? Or how do you know what you know, as questioned by one of the artists. This exhibition concludes that evidence alone isn't proof. So what is the proof of what you believe? I'd be really interested in knowing what others think.

I took some photos during the exhibition, and you can go in there to have a look if you like


Kitty Cheng said...

can some of you experienced bloggers show me how to put photos on post (rather than just posting the link)?

Kel said...

Great photos Kitty. Sorry you've had no luck with picasa yet. Perhaps you need to dump it and try reloading the program?