Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Taste of Liquid

I attended 'A Taste of Liquid' last night in Preston, where the three main topics were 'Culture, Spirituality and Justice'. There were people from different emerging / missional communities / churches around various suburbs of Melbourne to share their stories (in 5 minutes!). I was excited about all the creative and missional stuff that these communities are doing in Melbourne.

Then we went through three different alternative worship experiences, focussed on justice, culture and spirituality respectively. There was a multimedia presentation using conflicting images and music to show the justice issues, followed by an interactive bible study where each member of the group was given a person to think through during the study on the parable of the banquet. After that we had a great time of meditation and reflection on a passage of scripture, on a beautiful poem called "Love's Bitten Tongue" by Vassai Miller and on silence. It was an enriching time of worship for me personally, although we didn't sing any song!

I got a lot out of the night. I agree that culture, spirituality and justice are three integral streams of Christian mission. It was such a joy seeing all these alternative ways God's people are being / doing church. I have gained some real insights about EC from it too. I feel that shaping the things to come in the West is really challenging, but necessary.


Nigel said...

As one of the organisers it is great to read you got so much out of the evening. We had more 'fun' in the afternoon and hopefully next time we organise a Liquid event it will be at a time that will give you the oportunity to have more than just a taste.

Darren said...

Glad you enjoyed it Kitty!

Blog is looking great by the way!

Stephen said...

KITTY! I am so excited that you are blogging. To have someone who is involved in Mission and is of an ethnic background as well is pretty important in the blogsphere! Welcome abourd and I hope to learn from your journey!

Kitty Cheng said...

Thanks for posting :-) I'm looking forward to learning heaps from you guys.