Friday, February 18, 2005

creativity and the purpose driven life

Recently I've been working on producing a creative arts manual for my church, and realized that creativity and the purpose driven life are very closely related.

God made us to be creative, and to fulfill His purposes in Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry and Fellowship. He has given us a ‘set of tools’ to carve out his craftsmanship.

  • Worship – The arts can facilitate worship in a very powerful way. God has gifted us in unique ways and we can use all of our creativity to express worship to Him, encourage others to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Creative Arts are both gift and praise to God.
  • Evangelism –The church is God’s vehicle to redeem a lost world. The arts can be especially effective in evangelism because they often reflect the seeker’s hunger and search for God. Indeed, people are longing for God, and we want to use the creative arts to connect them to God, to communicate a truthful understanding of life, with the hope that our art expressions become meeting places for God and people.
  • Discipleship – Through creative arts, Christ-like disciples can be built up to impact the world. God is raising up a global community of Christian artists and disciples who are fully devoted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives. We need artists in the church who are known not only for their talent but also for their walk with Christ.
  • Ministry – The arts excel at identifying with people’s pain and ministering the truth of God’s Word with sensitivity.
  • Fellowship – The arts can enhance fellowship, encourage and edify the faith community. Music, drama, dance, multi-media, literature, and the visual arts can encourage someone who’s down, someone who’s struggling in his or her walk with Christ, someone who’s facing trials and temptations.

    What do you reckon?


Kel said...

Hi Kitty
I agree that creative arts have a place in corporate Christianity in the areas you mention. Too often though the only "art" allowed in churches is music - singing or playing an instrument. Some allow drama in church and others think using puppets for evangelism is cutting edge.
I have a passion for encouraging creative worship experiences and am travelling to NSW next month to facilitate such a workshop.
BUT - the powerful impact of living life artfully as a Christian in daily circumstances is underestimated. Charlie Peacock's book, "New way to be human" explores what it means to be creative and live life artfully as a Christian [not just in church]. If you are a creative, this book should be on your shelf and in your heart.

Kitty Cheng said...

Hi Kel, the book "New way to be human" sounds very interesting and inspiring. I must get hold of one and not only put it on my shelf, but in my heart too :) Thanks for that Kel. Would love to know more about this workshop you are doing to encourage creative worship experiences in NSW. Perhaps you can even facilitate that in VIC as well.