Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My story thus far (2)

I feel that I have done quite a bit of 'travelling' in terms of my faith journey since my time at Bible College. To simply put it, I am one of many who constantly grapple with issues related to mission. God called me to mission through Hudson Taylor's biographies many years ago. Without Hudson Taylor, we Chinese people wouldn't have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. I sensed that God was calling me (as a Chinese person) to 'return the debt' to 'westerners'.

Three years ago, I attended a Christian arts seminar in Cooma in NSW. Michael Frost was the main speaker. That was the first time i'd ever heard of the concepts of emerging missional church. I was blown away and challenged by Mike's ideas. I also bought the tapes and had been listening to them. Also throughout my studies at Tabor, I came to know a bit more about the concepts of the incarnational missional church.

I also remember interviewing Alan Hirsch in his office last year for one of my assignments and what he shared with me challenged me heaps as well. Towards the end of last year, Alan invited me to a Forge event, where I bought the book "The Shaping Of Things To come." I read it the first time, put it down and didn't think much about it (because of the busyness of life and ministry). Recently I've been sick and needed time away from work and ministry for a few weeks. I sensed that God wanted me to read the book again, so I did. As I was reading it, my spirit got both excited and nervous at the same time. I felt like God's calling me to participate in the mission of the emerging incarnational church.

I think that mission is about asking 'what is God doing around me' and then seeking ways to join in those things. That is my intention and my prayer. I am just wondering if other people can tell me more about their journey into mission.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty, Caught your comments on the living room and thought I'd check out you blog. It's good to see so many of the Forgers getting on line. For reference, Im a regular participant at Mike's "Converse" roundtable up in Sydney. Be great to see you if you're ever up this way. For reference you can catch me at http://circleofdionysius.blogspot.com/ Cheers Matt

Kitty Cheng said...

Hey Matt, what is Mike's "Converse" roundtable about? I will be in Sydney in August to participate in the Reachout Mission Conference. Would really like to catch up with you and Mike Frost then.