Friday, March 04, 2005

Bipolar Disorder

I've been doing a research on a medical condition callled Bipolar Disorder, also known as Manic Depression.

The followings are some of the symptoms of this condition:

Warning signs of ‘going high’
1. rushing around and doing things quickly, and being too excited
2. problems with sleeplessness
3. feeling irritable and annoyed easily
4. anxiety, stress
5. overspendng
6. ideas flowing too fast
7. can’t seem to get to sleep
8. being uncooperative
9. involved in many projects at the same time

Warning signs of ‘going low’
1. tearfulness and lack of motivation
2. clinical depression
3. fear, anger and feeling confused
4. low in energy, tired (wanting to sleep all the time)
5. don’t like seeing people
6. thinking about death
7. low interest in many things
8. nothing seems enjoyable

Problems at work can be eased by arranging to talk about what has happened with a trusted colleague or the boss, and if the boss allows time out

Suggestions of staying well
1. Relapse prevention – keep close to God and understand early signs
2. Taking medication regularly
3. Sorting out ongoing and long term problems
4. Communicating effectively
5. Developing a quality of life
6. Building stress management techniques (eg: meditation, recreation, and having prayer partners)

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